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Application of Best Practice

At CentreNote we believe that cultural organisations can increase their competitive edge and reach wider audiences through the application of commercial sector best practice in business management and digital technologies.

Today cultural organisations compete for the time and attention of modern audiences who have more leisure activity choices than ever before.  Their expectations have been raised to receive flawless customer service, a seamless multi-channel experience, innovative offers and, of course, the highest quality of artistic programming. Similarly, funders of cultural institutions are looking for sound managerial foundations and a clear strategic direction when choosing noteworthy causes to support.

CentreNote works with cultural organisations and governmental bodies to address these challenges, incorporating best practices from both the cultural and the business sectors.


Holistic Mindset

To achieve success, CentreNote believes that all parts of an organisation need to work in harmony towards a unified vision. This includes artistic planning, operations, education, audience development, financial planning, fundraising, capital investment planning, human resources, customer services, public relations, marketing, digital engagement and many other functions of cultural organisations.

Keeping your artistic mission at the core of our attention, CentreNote helps to identify and address areas that are not aligned with the strategic vision or could be improved, in order to make cultural organisations more effective.

Core Values

CentreNote’s core values reflect our strong work ethic, collaborative approach and passion for what we do:

Professionalism –  Transparency, integrity and client confidentiality are at the core of CentreNote’s client relationships. We take great pride in the quality and the efficiency of our work.

Involvement  – CentreNote works in close partnership with clients to gain an in depth understanding of the organisation and its mission.  Our recommendations and management solutions are personalised and developed directly with each individual client.

Insight  – Facts and figures are meaningless, unless they deliver a valuable insight. CentreNote adds value by drawing on its diverse expertise in strategy, financial planning, operations, marketing and digital engagement.

Flexibility – CentreNote adapts its working approach to best suit the clients’ needs. We can be engaged full time, part time or on a short advisory assignment, depending on the requirements of the project.

CentreNote advocates a Plan – Test – Adjust approach, allowing for strategic initiatives to be tested in a Pilot mode first, to prove the concept. This flexible approach allows for creative solutions to be implemented without the risk of significant investment in the early stages.

Inspiration –At CentreNote we believe in open mind, taking calculated risks and approaching any task with an original and creative mindset.  Passion for your artistic vision and an opportunity to make a difference  are the key driving forces helping CentreNote deliver innovative solutions for our clients.


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